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Technology Providers

After a comprehensive evaluation TCM selected two processes, a chilled ammonia process from Alstom and an amine process from Aker Clean Carbon (ACC).

Both technologies are post-combustion capture and utilise a solvent for absorbing the CO2 from the flue gas. Both are also designed to capture 85% of the CO2 contained in the flue gas from the refinery cracker and the combined heat and power plant.

Alstom is a large global player in the power generation industry. Providing environmental solutions to customers throughout the world, Alstom continues this with significant efforts in capture technology research and development with a vision to offer CO2 capture technologies commercially by 2015.

Aker Clean Carbon is a small company in the Aker family that specialises in the development and sale of CO2 capture technology and complete CO2 capture facilities. Aker Solutions, the largest member of the Aker family, will play a central role in projects by delivering comprehensive engineering services and facility construction.

Publisert 7/20/2010

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