Combat climate change through technology
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Banebrytende teknologiutvikling

Technology Centre Mongstad is the world’s largest facility for testing and improving CO2 capture. Knowledge gained will prepare the ground for CO2 capture initiatives to combat climate change. TCM is a joint venture between the Norwegian state, Equinor, Total and Shell.


Carbon Capture

At the CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad we aim to contribute to providing a technology tool that can address the dual challenges of meeting growing energy demand and addressing the effects of climate change.

One of the most important and challenging mitigation tools to reduce CO2 emissions will be the wide scale deployment of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) technology. CCS is expected to play a large role in global greenhouse gas emission reductions, and the International Energy Agency has estimated that as much as one fifth of total reductions will come from CCS by 2050.


However, as promising and essential as the technology may be, there are challenges which must be overcome. Building on the strong Norwegian experience with CO2 storage, TCM will take it one step further with an ambition to contribute to the availability of commercially viable carbon dioxide capture technologies for the world.


CCS will be part of the toolbox of solutions for the world. The CO2 capture technologies tested at TCM hold great promise of being one of the long term solutions. Our ambition is to make a difference. No less. Success will mean a more sustainable future for us all.


Publisert 5/19/2010

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