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An important step towards CO2 capture at Mongstad

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) today signed an agreement with DONG Energy, Hydro, Shell Statoil and Vattenfall on co-operating towards a test centre for CO2 capture and storage (CCS) at the combined power and heating station at Mongstad, Norway.

The co-operation agreement will regulate the planning and preparation for a test centre (European CO2 Test Centre Mongstad), and will be running until the investment decision for the test centre will take place 1. quarter 2008.

 -The Government’s vision is to contribute to developing technology which will reduce cost and lead to a widespread use of CCS technology. The Mongstad co-operation is an important part of this work, says Odd Roger Enoksen, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy. –I am very pleased with the fact that several of the European companies most knowledgeable on CCS will join forces, to obtain the best technological solution at Mongstad.

This agreement is an important step in the Government’s efforts to develop technologies for reducing CO2 emissions. The goal is to obtain knowledge and develop solutions which can reduce both cost and technical and economical risks related to large scale CO2 capture. The project has already started by facilitating for solutions which can give important contributions in cutting costs for CO2 capture.

Based on the agreement between the state and Statoil from October 2006 on CCS on Mongstad, the Ministry invited new partners to participate in the test centre on Mongstad. The co-operation agreement is entered with companies already using CO2 capture technologies. The project has also in the process of establishing connections with suppliers of new technology that can be furter developed, tested and qualified at Mongstad.


Publisert 6/21/2007

Sist endret 2/21/2011

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