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Reinertsen awarded TCM contract

TCM DA has awarded Reinertsen AS a contract for fabrication and installation of pipe trenches, support systems, process module, etc.

ThThe contract will have a value of  about EUR 50 million, and is awarded by TCM DA, the European CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad. StatoilHydro, as the project owner for the construction of the centre, has signed the contract on behalf of the partners in TCM DA, which are Gassnova SF, StatoilHydro ASA and A/S Norske Shell.

Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM DA) shall test at least two different technologies for capturing CO2 from two flue gas sources with respectively low and high CO2  contents. The contract now being entered into with Reinertsen AS includes the fabrication and installation of connection systems to the flue gas sources, pre-processing systems for flue gas, and the installation of electrical, control and several other, smaller systems.

Reinertsen’s main office in Trondheim, Norway, will be in charge of project management and planning. Pipe trenches and the process module are to be constructed at Reinertsen’s subsidiary in Murmansk. Installation at Mongstad will be performed by Reinertsen’s offshore division.

All of the larger contracts for the construction of the Technology Centre have now been awarded. The ground work has been completed, and construction work is now in process. The testing aims to, among other things, qualify technologies for large-scale capture of CO2 from flue gases, based on solutions that are as cost-efficient as possible. The development of technologies for capturing CO2 in connection with energy production is considered to be a possibly significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Technology Centre Mongstad will be the largest demonstration plant of its kind, with a capacity of processing up to 100,000 t of CO2 annually. The experiences gained from the operation of the Technology Centre will then be used to develop the full-scale facilities.

The illustration above shows the entire TCM plant, with connections to the Mongstad Energy Plant (Energiverk Mongstad, EVM), facing the Mongstad refinery. Cooling water for pre-processing is pumped from the sea some distance from the plant. The pre-processing module, the facilities for testing the two different CO2 capture technologies, a power station and the administration building will be centrally located on the plant premises.

Contact persons:
Managing Director Tore Amundsen, TCM DA, / +47 90051222
Project Manager TCM Sverre Overaa, / +47 91308059 

Publisert 10/28/2009

Sist endret 8/4/2010

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