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On June 17th 2009 the partners, Gassnova SF, A/S Norske Shell and StatoilHydro, decided to establish the company: European CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) and begin construction of a large CO2 technology centre located at the Mongstad refinery by Bergen in Norway.

The decision to proceed follows two years of planning and engineering and a May 7th ruling by the Norwegian Parliament, authorizing the Government to take a majority share in the venture. The capital investment in the centre is approximately 500 MEUR. TCM covers an area of approximately 63 000 m2, equivalent to 10 soccer fields.

The TCM partners are: Gassnova SF on behalf of the Norwegian state, StatoilHydro ASA and A/S Norske Shell. Other potential partners will subsequently be invited to join the partnership. StatoilHydro is the project manager in the construction phase.

The centre will have two plants with separate capture technologies with a combined capacity of 100,000 t of CO2 per year. Technology contracts have been signed with Aker Clean Carbon for an amine capture plant and with Alstom for a chilled ammonia capture plant.  The two equal size CO2-capture facilities will operate independently, and each is designed to process flue gases from the Mongstad combined heat and power plant (3-4% CO2), - alternatively from the Mongstad refinery (12-13% CO2). The TCM plot plan allows for a potential third future technology.

TCM will provide an arena for the development; testing and qualification of CO2 capture technologies for large-scale treatment of flue gases, and will contribute to international deployment based on this experience, thereby helping to reduce the costs and risks of full-scale CO2-capture.

To ensure the successful capture of CO2 from power plants and industry, it is critical to have access to facilities for testing and qualifying capture technologies at a near-industrial scale. By establishing such a test arena, the Technology Centre at Mongstad represents a significant Norwegian contribution to international CCS technology development.

One of TCM's goals is to establish a strong network of domestic and international industries and partnerships. Experience from the technology centre will also provide a basis for research assignments to universities and research institutes.

The choice of the two technologies were based on assessments of the technologies' potential, suitability for retrofit to existing facilities, potential for full-scale application, technical maturity, health, safety and environment development and the possibility to treat flue gases from various sources, including coal, gas and refining.

The technology centre is scheduled to be commissioned in late 2011/early 2012, after which the work on technology demonstration, testing and development will begin.

Contact persons:
CEO Bjørn-Erik Haugan, Gassnova, / +47 905 53 394
Vice President Communications Anne Margrete Blaker, Gassnova, / +47 94162142
Managing Director Tore Amundsen, TCM DA, / +47 90 05 12 22

Publisert 8/17/2010

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