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US Minister of Energy visited TCM

Saturday Dec. 12, the US Minister of Energy Steven Chu visited Mongstad near Bergen in Norway to get a tour of the new CO2 capture technology center under construction.

Steven Chu was accompanied by his Norwegian counterpart, Minister of Oil and Energy Terje Riis-Johansen.

Chairman Bjørn-Erik Haugan, CEO Tore Amundsen and Technology Manager Olav Falk-Pedersen presented TCM DA, the company set up to develop and operate the European CO2 Technology Centre at Mongstad.

From Statoil, project manager Sverre Overå presented the status for the construction phase (20 %) and Olav Kårstad talked about what Statoil is doing in the field of Carbon Capture and Storage.

Riis-Johansen was very pleased by the opportunity of introducing TCM to the American Minister of Energy, and tell how Norway can contribute to fight climate change.
- The Chu visit is good for the work on carbon capture, and it is good for Norway that we get this connection to the US. This will contribute to enforcing the cooperation on carbon capture projects, Riis-Johansen said to NTB.

Publisert 12/22/2009

Sist endret 8/4/2010

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