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South African Sasol new TCM partner

The South African energy company Sasol and Gassnova SF, on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, have today signed an agreement on partnership in the CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM). Sasol is purchasing a 2.44 percent share of TCM.

- Gassnova is very pleased that this agreement has now fallen into place. One of the main intentions of the technology centre at Mongstad is precisely the involvement of large, international companies that see the need to reduce their own emissions and thus are genuinely interested in the development of CCS technology. In this way, such partners also become carriers of technology to other countries with a substantial need for CO2 capture. Sasol is such a company, says Gassnova's CEO, Bjørn-Erik Haugan.

The technology centre at Mongstad can in turn benefit from Sasol's experiences regarding the treatment of industrial emissions. Furthermore, Sasol can help to market TCM as a service provider to the international chemical industry.

– Gassnova is in the process of finding additional partners for TCM, and we hope that with Sasol on the team we are also able to motivate other international energy companies to participate in the technology development that is to take place at Mongstad in the years ahead, Bjørn-Erik Haugan concludes.

Sasol operates in South Africa, and its point-source emissions of about 60 million tons CO2 per year are among the highest in the world. It is one of the world's leading energy companies, and one of the first to make a commitment to CCS as a measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The fact that such a large player is focusing on the treatment of its own emissions is of considerable global significance. From a Norwegian perspective, it is especially exciting that Sasol has chosen to cooperate with technology development efforts in Norway. This shows that our concept and the envisioned implementation of CCS technology development are relevant and will lead to internationally significant results.

TCM provides an arena for international cooperation on CCS technology. The technology centre aims to test, verify and demonstrate technologies that can contribute to the dissemination of full-scale CO2–capture plants. The other TCM DA partners are Gassnova SF, A/S Norske Shell and Statoil ASA, with Gassnova SF representing the Norwegian State in the project.

Publisert 5/3/2010

Sist endret 8/4/2010

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