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TCM shares its technology contribution with EU

- The TCM project is an essential next step in capture technology development. Its scale is impressive and I am proud that Norway will be contributing to help the EU, and the world, bring greater understanding of this important technology, said Oda Sletnes, Norwegian Ambassador to the EU.

Technology Centre Mongstad gets a lot of attention all over the world, and EU is no exception. Last week TCM co-hosted an interactive technology evening with the Norwegian Mission to the European Union. The European Union has been a forerunner in new policies to enable the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies. CCS could contribute a considerable percentage of EU reductions; and in that light, EU leaders committed to up to twelve full scale CCS demonstration plants.

- TCM is an crucial stepping stone to bring forth further development and eventual deployment of the technology,” said Bjørn-Eirk Haugan from Gassnova.

Technology Centre Mongstad is the world’s largest facility for testing and improving CO2 capture. Knowledge gained will prepare the ground for CO2 capture initiatives to combat climate change. The objective of TCM is to gain experience and develop solutions which can contribute to reducing cost and technical and financial risks related to large scale CO2 capture and TCM will help the EU achieve the goal to establish full scale projects by bringing forth essential technology development.
TCM’s Managing Director, Tore Amundsen, presented the project and its ambitions for participants, all of whom were impressed by the scale of TCM. The development of CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad is more than 60 percent complete and the project just passed the 2 million work hours milestone without any serious incidents.

Using a video-game like console, Olav Falk-Pedersen, TCM’s Technology Manager, used the 3D interactive model to take participants on a virtual tour. TCM will test two different technologies, from Aker Clean Carbon and Alstom, respectively, for capture of CO2 from two flue gas sources with different CO2 content. The objective of the testing is in part to qualify the technologies for large-scale cleaning of exhaust gas, while simultaneously developing cost-effective technology solutions.

TCM is a joint venture between the Norwegian state, Statoil, Shell and Sasol. Operations are scheduled to begin at the beginning of 2012.

Publisert 12/7/2010

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