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Ecuadorian visit to TCM

Last week, TCM was visited by a high level delegation that included representatives from the Ministry of Oil and Energy in Ecuador.

- This visit is very inspiring in the way that we see that people are preparing for a new challenge that is related to climate change and CO2 emissions. So here is a concerted action with different groups of people and countries, working together to try to find a solution, says Dr Mercy Barbor, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Environment

Technical development is important for Ecuador, but clearly, there is strong focus on the environment in the further development of the oil and gas industry.

- Working from the environmental side, we have a different perspective on things, and we want to see development, but we know we can do it better and with more sustainability, and think of future generations. So this is where the best technologies are and this is why we want to learn from other countries and know that we can still develop with less impact on the environment, says Dr Carla Borja, Director of Environmental Services and Conservation.

Norwegian technological development is also an inspiration for oil companies in Ecuador.

- This is a big project where they are trying to catch CO2 from the power plant, and it is an inspiration for me and our company in Ecuador, says Oswaldo Madrid, General Manager of PetroAmazonas.

The trip was organized by Petrad, a non-profit Norwegian government foundation that facilitates knowledge and experience transfer about petroleum management, administration and technology between managers and experts in governments and national oil companies.

Publisert 1/26/2011

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