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European CCS experts visited TCM

Some of the most respected CCS experts from ten European countries visited CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad this week. They were very impressed by the scale and the complexity of the facilities under construction.

- Many laboratories around Europe will be working together in order to achive the most reasonably priced and effective CO2 capture possible, and TCM is the biggest unit in the Eccsel consortium, says Director of Climate Technology in Sintef, Nils Røkke. He said that one of the questions they are working on is how to integrate infrastructure like TCM into the Eccsel network.

The ECCSEL consortium teams up selected Centres of Excellence on CCS  (Carbon Capture and Storage) from 10 countries across Europe. The mission is to develop a European distributed, goal-oriented, integrated Research Infrastructure. The ECCSEL laboratories will provide an integrated foundation for the experimental research needed to bring forward improved CCS-technologies.

The feedback from the 35 Eccsel delegates visiting Mongstad was very positive.

- I am very impressed with the facility because it covers the "Valley of Death" between research in a laboratory, and a real industrial application, which is something companies do not always invest in. Also, I understand that TCM has an enormous flexibility, and it will give facilities to other companies who can also test the possibilities of new solvents and new techniques, and that is quite interesting to me, says Emile Elewaut from TNO, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research.

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TCM’s managing director, Tore Amundsen, was excited to have such a distinguished group of visitors.

- We hope that TCM, which is a large technology centre within this field, can be a part of this European network in the future, he says.

Technology Centre Mongstad is the world’s largest facility for testing and improving CO2 capture. Knowledge gained will prepare the ground for CO2 capture initiatives to combat climate change. TCM is a joint venture between the Norwegian state, Statoil, Shell and Sasol.

Publisert 2/11/2011

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