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Industrial utilization of CO2 at Mongstad

Today a working group in the Bergen region signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for utilization of up to 30,000 tonnes of CO2 from Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) for industrial use.

Behind the plans for industrial utilization is a working group from the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Christian Michelsen Research (CMR), University of Bergen, Department of Chemistry, Bergen Technology Transfer AS and the regional business association Nordhordland Handverk og Industrilag (NHIL).

The basic concept of the working group is that the captured CO2 is a resource that can be used as a supplement to storage. Their intention is to establish projects that look further into two priority areas:

1. Algea production, which in turn will provide biodiesel and fish feed
2. Chemical production in which CO2 is the raw material

Also the development of fuel cells for the production of electical power and hydrogen (ZEG concept) is included in the plans. In a later phase, the binding of CO2 in minerals may also be appropriate.

In the future one foresees the establishment of a cluster of players who see benefits from participating in technology and production development.

The plan is now to establish a company in which research institutions and industrial companies participate in the ongoing work at Mongstad.

CO2 Technology Mongstad (TCM) will start testing the two selected capture technologies in early 2012. TCM is the world's largest center for testing and improvement of CO2 capture technologies.


     CO2 Technology Mongstad (TCM):             Tore Amundsen Tel +47 900 51 222

     Institute for Energy Technology (IFE):         Arne Råheim Tel +47 901 18 079

     Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR): Christopher Giertsen +47 957 52 125

     University of Bergen, Dept. of Chemistry:  Hans Rene Bjørsvik Tel +47 951 44 765

     Nordhordland Handverk og Industrilag:     Svein M Nordvik Tel +47 952 58 165


Publisert 2/7/2011

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