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Research results presented at a workshop meeting at Mongstad last week confirms that emissions from TCM will not have any negative environmental consequences.

- The results provide further confirmation that the emissions from TCM will not have any negative consequences for people or the environment, says TCM DA's environmental advisor Sissel Nepstad.

The research also confirms that emissions will not exceed the recommended limit values for emissions to air or the provision of drinking water including amine degradation products issued by the Institute of Public Health in March 2011.

TCM has in the past year initiated a number of studies and research projects to further the level of knowledge about consequences of release of amines and their degradation products from amine plants.

At the workshop representatives from i.e. University of Oslo, SINTEF and the Australian research institute CSIRO presented their findings. Representatives from the local municipality, Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif), TCMs Advisory Technical Committee, as well as professionals from the TCM partners and from Mongstad full-scale project team also participated.

Some of the presentations were based on studies that are ongoing, and included preliminary results. Klif will finalize TCMs discharge permit over the next few months, and the new knowledge is very important in connection with this final application processing.

All research reports are submitted to local and regional authorities on an ongoing basis as they are completed, and they are published at our website.

TCM will continue efforts to increase the level of knowledge regarding emissions from capture, which among other things, will involve extensive monitoring of emissions from our facilities, and studies of environmental aspects. This information will be publicly available through the reporting procedures of TCM to Klif.

Publisert 7/6/2011

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