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TCM presentation at Global CCSI event in Durban

Technology Manager Olaf Falk-Pedersen presented CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad at the Global CCS Institute's well-visited CCS seminar at COP17 today.

 - We will not deliver CO2, but  numbers and knowledge of CO2 capture, Falk-Pedersen said at the seminar. He guided the audience through a fascinating 3D presentation of the world's largest test center for CO2 capture, which will soon start operating at Mongstad, Norway.

First out at the seminar was vice president Philippe Joubert of Alstom. He said that technology is not the problem in order to realize the CCS, but funding and legislation. He said it is necessary to test large scale to be sure of the cost picture.

 CCS must get back on track. To achieve this, customers must be helped with funding, legislation must come through, and the costs must come down, said Joubert.

Bo Dicfalusy from the International Energy Agency (IEA) pointed out that CO2 emissions continue to grow, especially in China and other Asian countries. To reach the climate goals of no more that 2 degrees warming, it is necessary to build 3000 full-scale plant  the next 40 years. In order to realize that, ambitious political regulation and incentives are needed, he said.

Frederic Hauge spoke on behalf of the Zero Emissions Plaform (ZEP), a coalition of organizations, researchers, academics, oil companies etc. He underlined the necessity of cost reduction of technologies.

 - 2012 is a crucial year to demonstrate large-scale CCS, he said. But it is difficult with funding during the financial turmoil that is taking place. Now you have to invest in jobs, skills and technology. This will result in cost effective solutions to combat climate change.

Hauge emphasized that in spite of some challenges, still a lot of positive develpments are taking place on the CCS-front in the EU. 12 projects within the EU will be evaluated over the next half year, and they may to get 50 percent financing from the EU.

The Global Institute’s annual report identifies 74 large-scale integrated CCS projects around the world, 14 of which are either operating or under construction.
- CCS is madatory to reach the climate goals, said CEO Brad Page from GCCSI.

Publisert 12/6/2011

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