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Groundbreaking environmental surveys

TCM has during the last year, prior to the start-up, conducted environmental surveys of air, vegetation and water in a wide area around the TCM plant at Mongstad. This work can provide important references for future full-scale CCS plants.

Background surveys are conducted to determine the environmental status in the areas around Technology Center Mongstad before start-up of the plant.

 - The surveys already performed and the work ahead will be of great benefit both to TCM and as a reference when future full-scale plants will be designed and operated. Since similar work is not carried out anywhere else in the world, our efforts provide important references in the construction of large CCS plants globally, says Olav Falk-Pedersen, Chief Technology Officer of TCM.

After an evaluation of potential pollutants from the technology center, a number of environmental indicators such as amines, nitrosamines and nitramines were selected .
Environmental surveys are conducted by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) and the Norwegian Forest and Landscape.

None of the studies showed findings of nitrosamines nor nitramines. We found other types of amines, but the levels were very low. Similar levels have been reported from similar studies. Amines are normally found in nature and the very low levels measured do not represent an environmental risk.

TCM has investigated the consequences of the operation of the technology center very carefully from an environmental perspective, and the conclusion is that it will not have emissions that adversely affect people or the environment. TCM will start to follow up and document this carefully through regular surveys of the environment around the plant.

The reports are submitted to local authorities and Agency and are available here

Publisert 6/4/2012

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