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TCM Shares Achievements at IEA GHG conference

At IEA GHGs 2nd annual Post Combustion Capture Conference in Bergen, Norway, CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) and its vendors and partners presented key achievements from its first year of operation. 

- Over the last year we have seen a series of major advancements in reducing the cost and the technical, environmental and financial risks of implementing CO2 capture technology.  It is great to see the technology vendors Alstom and Aker Solutions discussing their technological advancements from their time spent with us,  Frank Ellingsen, Managing Director, TCM, said.

The presentations introduced learnings from the two CO2 demonstration plants at TCM: testing for Aker Solutions in our Amine Plant and for Alstom in our Chilled Ammonia Plant (CAP).

The two technology demonstrations have been overlaid onto TCM's core utility infrastructure; which provides access to 100,000 tonnes per year of simulated coal and gas-fired CO2 flue gases; from a gas-fired Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP) and a refinery cracker. 

The key achievements from the Amine and Chilled Ammonia plant include gaining operational experience from more than 7,000 hours of testing with more than 90% of uptime.

In terms of reducing technical risk of carbon capture, TCM highlighted the following achievements:

• Developing documented and transferable experiences on the operation, start-up, shut down, emergency shut downs etc., which is available to the CCS community
• Developed and verified simulation tools for the total facility based on NH3 and MEA, to be used in the planning, operation and evaluation of day to day activities at TCM
• Established an available analytical laboratory tool box
• Operated with zero injuries and environmental impacts
• Developed a toolbox for process monitoring including emissions
• Extensive research into possible effect of amines. More than 55 external studies have been performed
• Established a test centre network with national and international institutes and research organisations.

At the event, TCM also discussed a two month MEA test, which is under planning to create increased understanding of amines.  Creation of test results from TCM will provide base line performance criteria for technology vendors to establish a complete benchmark and reference point for comparison to future amine plant users.

In terms of reducing financial risk the tests have confirmed successful operations of a scaled up plant, including:
• CAP plant- a significant process development from a precipitating system to a solution based technology and further energy optimization and design modification for preventing salt precipitation
• Amine plant- important input with respect to material selection. Gasket material needs to be replaced in certain areas. Material selection for key components are verified 
• Achieved knowledge from two different construction methods (modular and on site construction)

About Technology Centre Mongstad
The IEA estimates that fossil fuels will account for 60% of energy generation by 2030, making CCS a vital technology for decarbonising the world’s energy supply.  The IEA, the EU and the IPCC indicate that a fifth of the carbon reduction target needed to curb a two degree rise in global temperatures by 2050 could come from CCS alone. 

Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) is the world’s largest and most advanced facility for testing and improving CO2 capture.  TCM is a joint venture set up by the Norwegian state (75.12 %), Statoil (20 %), Shell (2.44 %) and Sasol (2.44 %).  It aims to increase knowledge on carbon capture technologies, in order to reduce technical and financial risk, and accelerate the development of qualified technologies capable of wide scale international deployment.  Up to eighty per cent of the costs of CCS are related to CO2 capture, so TCM is encouraging the use of their facilities to refine the capture process and bring costs down.  

The center comprises two CO2 capture plants each with a capacity to capture approximately 80,000 tons of CO2 from the nearby refinery or 20,000 tons from a gas fired power plant.  In addition the center has available space and infrastructure to sustain the next generation technologies to be tested in the future

More information on the facility, can be found at
You may also contact Communications Manager Vegar Stokset at tel +47 952 76 256

Publisert 9/18/2013

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