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TCM launches International Test Centre Network

CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) has taken the initiative to form an international test centre network for carbon capture test facilities around the world to share knowledge to accelerate the commercialisation of technology. 

The key aims of the CCS Test Centre Network are to share knowledge of technological developments, construction and operational experience, establish performance indicators, and promote technology standardization. 

Overall the network will establish a level playing field for technology vendors to reduce costs, plus technical, environmental and financial risks associated with CCS. 

CCS is the only technology that can significantly reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion in power stations and industrial processes, by up to 90 per cent.

Commenting on the establishment of the test centre network, Tore Amundsen, CEO of Gassnova and Chairman of CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad, said:

“This is absolutely the right time to launch this knowledge sharing network.  Every day, in test centres around the world, we see advancements in CCS technology with new experiences, lessons and solutions being developed. However, this knowledge is often not shared because there has been no appropriate forum for doing so. This network will change that for the benefit of everyone.”

The eight founding members of the Test Centre Network are CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (Norway), National Carbon Capture Center (Alabama, US), Southern Company’s 25 megawatt CCS demonstration facility (Alabama, US), SaskPower,
J-Power (Japan), ENEL Engineering and Research (IT), E.ON (Germany) and Doosan Power Systems (UK).  The Network is open for further large CCS test centers and therefore publicly invites them to join.

The key aims of the network are to:
1. Gain public confidence: enabling test centres to build on good practice from around the world and communicate successes to the public and wider CCS community.
2. Address regulator concerns: enabling test centres to individually address concerns of regulators and influence regulatory arenas by using the collective thinking and experience of network members.
3. Improve organizational efficiency: by providing members with a global network of experts and expertise to facilitate mutual problem solving around organisational issues.
4. Safeguard our people: by sharing good practice in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), to protect staff, assets and the environment.
5. Accelerate technology development: By harmonising the testing requirements, the network will create a level playing field that will help break down barriers to successful uptake of capture technologies.

The Global CCS Institute welcomes the launch of the network:

“We congratulate TCM for this excellent initiative that will ensure the latest expertise and knowledge is shared, boosting world capacity to accelerate the commercialisation of the technology.  We are confident that the network will bring benefits that come from the experience of each centre” said Global CCS Institute CEO Brad Page.

“The knowledge and expertise gained from this new network will have importance not only in Norway but to projects around the world.

 “The new network is an important milestone in the journey to commercialise CCS technology,” added Brad Page. “We look forward to seeing the results of this network which we expect will become established as an important source of global expertise.”

For more information, please contact:

Vegar Stokset
Head of Communication

Publisert 1/31/2013

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