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UK press visits TCM

CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) opens its doors to energy, science and environment journalists from the UK.

On the 12th of June, the CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad opened up its facility to journalists from some of the UK’s leading energy, science and environment industry publications, enabling them to have a tour of the site and see the facility in action.

Present at the facility was Bill Spence, Head of CCS at Shell, who gave the journalists an executive briefing on the state of the global CCS landscape, and discussed the significance of TCM’s role as the world’s largest, functioning carbon capture test facility.

“The insights gathered through collaborations between industry and government, like this one at TCM, are central to supporting the development and wide-scale deployment of CCS, which is currently the only technology that could prevent the build-up of CO2 in the atmosphere,” said Bill.

Frank Ellingsen, Managing Director of TCM, also presented the results of the TCM’s first year of testing and what the results mean for the industry, and discussed how the facility and these results is preparing the ground for widespread CCS deployments to combat climate change.

“The last year has brought new levels of certainty to expected capital expenditure and ongoing costs of CCS by establishing the viability of capture processes.  These advancements have reduced the knowledge gap of CCS technological development.  It’s very exciting to see that off the back of these achievements, world-leading technologists are lining up to take advantage of the ongoing programme,”  said Frank.

The tour illustrated first hand to the journalists how CCS technology has the potential to transform fossil fuels into a low carbon energy source, and  how the industry needs to take a proactive approach to advance and de-risk CCS technology in order to support policy and investment.

Publisert 6/17/2013

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