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TCM in dialogue with potential new vendors

TCM is in dialogue with potential new vendors to test at Mongstad, and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with one of them.

- We are in dialogue with CCS vendors who are considering testing out their technologies at TCM, and we are happy to sign a MoU with one of these companies, namely ION Engineering, says TCMs Managing Director Frank Ellingsen.

ION Engineering is an American company developing CO2 capture technology capable of reducing CO2 emissions from industrial and fossil power sources. Their current test programme at a Nebraska coal fired power plant is supported by US Department of Energy. This is testing at a smaller scale facility of 1 MW. Now they are considering testing at the largest CCS test facility in the world- TCM.

TCM is also in dialogue with other CCS vendors about potential testing at Mongstad starting after Shell Cansolv ‘s test period is complete next year.

Publisert 9/25/2014

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