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EU MEP visits TCM

It’s fascinating to see TCM after having read and heard so much about carbon capture technology (CCS). To see it really helps understand what it is all about, and I hope we get more projects with capture and storage up and running so that people can see how well it works, says Minister of EU Parliament Paul Brannen.

- To see such technology pioneered is good news for our children. CCS is one of the key technologies to tackle climate change, and is absolutely essential to reach the 2 degree target. And it’s a race against time really. What is happening here at Mongstad is key to what will be common practice in 5-10 years, says Brannen.

MEP Brannen visited Technology Centre Mongstad today to learn more about the carbon capture technology development taking place at Mongstad, and how the CCS projects in UK, US and the rest of the world is benefiting from the groundbreaking tests being undertaken at TCM.

- Collaboration is very important, and it is good that TCM is not a secret operation, and that you have such willingness to share. Climate change is a shared challenge, and we need to share knowledge to tackle it, says Brannen and continues,

- It’s encouraging that you are also planning full-scale carbon capture in Norway, like we are in the UK, and there will be no excuse for others not to do likewise when it is demonstrated successfully. There is also a lot of job potential in these projects, like White Rose and Teeside in the region where I come from.

Paul Brannen was elected to the European Parliament for the first time in 2014, representing the North East England region of the UK Labour Party. He is a member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. Throughout his political career, Brannen has been a strong supporter of teckling climate change.

The UK White Rose CCS project, delivered by Capture Power Limited, a consortium of Alstom, Drax, BOC, in partnership with National Grid, is located in Brannen’s constituency. This project has been shortlisted as one of the two preferred bidders in the UK's £1bn CCS Competition, and has also been allocated 300 million Euros from the European NER 300 fund.

Publisert 7/21/2015

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