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CCS Test Centre Network signs up UK member

UK CCS Research Centre’s PACT Facilities joins CCS Test Centre Network chaired by TCM to expand international knowledge sharing capabilities and accelerate commercialisation of crucial CCS technologies.

The addition of the PACT Facilities to the Network – which currently spans Norway, Canada, the United States and Italy – will extend its reach and bring UK research in carbon capture onto the international stage.

The Pilot-scale Advanced Capture Technology (PACT) Facilities form part of the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRC) and is jointly funded by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

The purpose of PACT is to support and catalyse industrial and academic R&D, by providing open-access testing facilities.  This helps accelerate the development and commercialisation of technologies for carbon capture and clean power generation. The PACT facilities bring together a comprehensive range of integrated pilot-scale and accompanying specialist research and analytical facilities, supported by leading academic expertise.

PACT bridges the gap between bench-scale R&D and large-scale industrial pilot trials, enabling users to develop and demonstrate their technologies to provide the necessary commercial confidence before committing to the significant costs of large-scale trails.
PACT’s core facility – which includes a 1 tonne a day carbon capture plant – is  operated and managed by the University of Sheffield, with satellite facilities at the Universities of Cranfield, Edinburgh and Nottingham; and additional expertise at Imperial College and the University of Leeds. 

The core and satellite facilities work alongside complementary facilities at partner universities to form the equipment pool, while partner universities also provide relevant academic input and research to form the overall expertise pool within PACT. The PACT national facilities are open access and available for use by any organisation who wishes to undertake CCS research.

The International Test Centre Network was initiated by TCM in 2012 to enable carbon capture test facilities around the world to progress the technologies that will be a key component of our clean energy future. The network aims to share knowledge that can accelerate technology commercialisation, including, for example, next-generation technologies that can sharply reduce the costs of electricity generation (and industrial products) using CO2 capture.

Since its launch, some of the world’s leading CCS test centres have been sharing knowledge of construction and operation of large test facilities in order to establish a level playing field for technology vendors to reduce costs, as well as the technical, environmental and financial risks currently associated with CCS.
Eirik Harding Hansen, acting Managing Director, CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad, says:

“Every day, in test centres around the world, we see progress made in CCS, with new lessons learned and solutions developed for working with carbon capture technologies. The Test Centre Network provides the crucial forum for test centres to share this knowledge for the benefit of all, and the addition of PACT is a key milestone for the whole industry.”

Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, PACT Director, a Member of the UKCCSRC Coordination Group, and Professor of Energy Engineering at the University of Sheffield, says:
“PACT enables industry and academia to develop and demonstrate their technologies, and gain the necessary commercial confidence before committing to large scale trials. This lowers the overall technology risk and enhances chances of commercial success for leading technologies. Joining the Test Centre Network means our expertise can be shared on an international scale and is a real landmark for PACT and the UK CCS Research Centre.”

Other members of the Network are:
• CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad – test facility at Mongstad, Norway
• E.ON – test facility at Wilhelmshaven, Germany
• SaskPower – test facility at Shand, Saskatchewan, Canada
• Southern Company/National Carbon Capture Center – test facility at Wilsonville, Alabama, USA

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Publisert 2/24/2015

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