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Key CCS Test Centres share valuable lessons learned

CCS Test Centre Network convened in Germany last week for another technical workshop. The goal of the international network is to progress carbon capture globally through knowledge sharing.

- The themes for the workshop were SO3 and mist formation and measurements of amine and its degradation products. Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) introduced the challenges around this topic, and relevant work performed at TCM. This was followed by presentations by NCCC and E.ON. Discussions centred around where and under what circumstances mist formation happen; how to measure particle size and distributions; and how to mitigate the formation, explains Lars Ingolf Eide, network coordinator from TCM.

The session on amine emissions was kicked off by presentations from NCCC and TCM, and information from E.ON. The network agreed to summarize experiences in a common note among the members. This may be shared with others, and presented at a conference like GHGT-12 in Switzerland November 2016. TCM will provide a first draft and the members will contribute their parts.

The workshop started with an introduction to the Fluor capture plant at Wilhelmshaven coal fired power plant and a guided tour.

CCS Test Centre Network was initiated by TCM and NCCC in 2012 to enable carbon capture test facilities around the world to progress the technologies that will be a key component of our clean energy future. The network aims to share knowledge that can accelerate technology commercialization, including, for example, next-generation technologies that can sharply reduce the costs of electricity generation (and industrial products) using CO2 capture.

Since its launch, some of the world’s leading CCS test centres have been sharing knowledge of construction and operation of large test facilities in order to establish a level playing field for technology vendors to reduce costs, as well as the technical, environmental and financial risks currently associated with CCS.

The members of the Network are:
• CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad – test facility at Mongstad, Norway
• E.ON – test facility at Wilhelmshaven, Germany
• SaskPower – test facility at Shand, Saskatchewan, Canada
• Southern Company/National Carbon Capture Center – test facility at Wilsonville, Alabama, USA
• Pilot-scale Advanced Capture Technology (PACT), UK

For more info, contact:
Vegar Stokset
+47 952 76 256

Publisert 5/7/2015

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