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Many companies want to test at TCM Mongstad

A business website this weeks quotes TCM's managing director Roy Vardheim saying that the amine plant at Technology Center Mongstad is more or less fully booked until August next year.

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Companies are lining up to test carbon capture

Interest in using Technology Center Mongstad is high. Now there is almost no space left for the rest of the center's operation period.

While the "Moon landing" at Mongstad crash landed, the activity at the test site is high.
- The amine plant is almost fully booked until August 2017, says CEO Roy Vardheim to the business website
The partnership agreement for operations expires in August 2017.
- But we have a longer time horizon than that and have several companies who want to come to test at TCM after August 2017.
He notices an increased interest in carbon capture and storage after the climate agreement in Paris.
Flexible construction
When the test facility opened in 2012,  Alstom tested with chilled ammonia technology and Aker Clean Carbon with amine technology.
- We are the only facility that can test with two different flue gases and it gives the plant a very good flexibility, says operations manager Anne-Berit Hjorth Viken.
In addition to Alstom and Aker, Shell Cansolv used the facility, while British Indian Carbon Clean Solutions is currently testing its technology.
- We are in talks with several companies, among them Shell Cansolv about a new test campaign, in addition to Ion Engineering and also General Electric which is preparing a major application to the US government to develop its technology, adds Vardheim.
"Valley of Death"

Especially the cooperation with the US Energy authorities and companies is important for TCM.
- It is in the United States the major capture plants currently are under construction, but since there are not so many test facilities in the world, they are content that they have an opportunity to test technologies also with us, says Vardheim.
- They call it the valley of death, before a technology is able to be scaled up to full scale, so they should have a test period at a test facility of our size.
4,000 test hours

But it is not only the Americans who will benefit from TCM. Also the potential fullscale projects planned in Norway are benefiting from TCM.
The Norwegian government has decided that by 2020 Norway should have realized at least one full-scale plant for CO2 capture.
Last week Aker Solutions started to test CO2 capture at Klemetsrud, a waste plant in Oslo.
Both at Klemetsrud and in previous testing at Norcem in Brevik, Aker Solutions' technology tested at Mongstad is used.
- Aker has 4,000 test hours at the plant here, says Hjorth Viken.
Halved operating costs
When initial operating period expires in eighteen months it is up to owners to determine the center's future.
The investment cost is then repaid, while the annual operating cost is around NOK 200 million.
That is close to half of the original operating costs.
- We focus on bringing down costs, but it costs a lot to operate a large and independent plant, says Hjort Viken.
Vardheim says the discussions around TCM's future continues.
- We experience a great interest and willingness to secure the future of the centre.

Publisert 2/3/2016

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