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TCM with an important role in ACT project

TCM is a co-partner in ACT-ALIGN, and is participating in one of the work packages (WP1) headed by Hanne Kvamsdal from SINTEF.

The first delivery from TCM is the “H&E impact assessment report” for the CSAR 1 solvent.

The report is to be completed in August 2018, and will be used to qualify CESAR 1 for testing in the amine treatment plant in August 2019. The CESAR 1 solvent consists of a mixture of Piperazin and AMP.


If the conclusion of the “H&E impact assessment report” is that CESAR 1 cannot be used in the amine treatment plant, the alternative will be a MEA campaign. Regardless of the solvent used, TCM’s main task will be: MS 1.1.2 "Understanding the effect of dynamics on solvent emissions". 


From TCM it is Christophe Benquet, Anne Kolstad Morken, Jane K. Feste and Alexander Reyes-Lingjerde who initially comprise “Team ACT-ALIGN”.


ALIGN Press release_FINAL.pdf



Publisert 11/8/2017

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