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TCM’s role as a global competence centre expands

TCM’s genuine knowledge and competence accumulated through the years of planning, construction and operations is in global demand, and TCM now offers sharing this experience more broadly.

Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM), the world’s largest carbon capture test centre, has been working tirelessly in close collaboration with its owners and vendors and other partners to develop more efficient and more affordable capture technologies to be installed on power stations and industrial facilities worldwide.

TCM is now in the process of expanding its role as a global competence centre through collaboration agreements with relevant companies and institutions in Norway and abroad. 

In addition to CO2-capture vendors, research institutes, academia and others that have already made use of TCM as a test centre, TCM now invite CCS projects in progress in Norway and internationally to gain greater access to TCM's expertise, experience and knowledge. 

"What each collaboration partner wants from our expertise and the conditions for sharing such expertise must be clarified in each case," says Managing Director of TCM Roy Vardheim. He emphasises that such transfer of experience is limited to information that can be released to others and that the competency and experience shared will not be in conflict with TCM's role as independent and neutral test centre  for CO2-capture technology providers.

Potential knowledge sharing could be in the areas of plant design, start-up, technical qualification program, test campaign designs, analytical methods and analysis, operational experience, open source data and baselines, training of operators and emissions management.

 "TCM emphasises that we do not act as an advisor, the intention is to share our expertise, knowledge and experience where it’s relevant. At the same time, our primary tasks will still be linked to the testing of CO2 capture technology. This puts a limitation on our resource usage in this new area, "adds Vardheim.

Publisert 6/2/2017

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