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Emissions from TCM in 2017

TCM violated the emission permit on several occasions in 2017, concerning emissions of amines at higher concentrations than allowed per hour. It is important to emphasize that even if the individual emissions were higher than allowed per hour, it was never hazardous to health or the environment.

The limit for maximum concentrations of chemical compounds in air and water, according to the recommendations of Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), has not been exceeded. It is also important to underline that TCM emission permit has 3 limits related to emission of amines. It is an hourly average, average over a total campaign period and a total limit of kg amines pr. year.
The total campaign average and the total limit of kg amines pr. year are both within the emission permit.

The purpose of TCM's amine plant is to test different chemicals for capture of CO2 and test different flue gases. We have found that the emissions from the amine plant vary with the various solvents tested, how the test programs are carried out and what flue gas we use.

TCM is continuously working to prevent breach of the emission permit. Operation of the analytical equipment is demanding for such a test facility, and the equipment itself is subject to research and continuous improvement. We are in close dialogue with the Norwegian Environment Agency in order to understand the process mechanisms and improve the instruments so that they display the right emissions at all times. The TCM emission monitoring research provides valuable insight that is very useful in the development of the future full-scale CO2 capture plant.

Publisert 2/15/2018

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