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The TCM Offer

TCM is a one-stop shop whereupon confidence in your technology can be built through demonstration at large scale at significantly reduced cost and time.

The introduction of novel process technologies at large scale involves certain elements of risk. These risks need to be mitigated through careful and systematic testing and verification of process design and performance.

This builds customer confidence and in turn enables vendors to issue credible process guarantees for commercial applications.
Large-scale demonstration, while necessary, can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming. Coming up with the significant financing or government-based funds required can be daunting; finding a host site for such a demonstration and getting any required environmental permits in place can be equally so.
TCM is a one-stop shop whereupon confidence in your technology can be built through demonstration at large scale at significantly reduced cost and time. TCM and its owners provide an infrastructure and skilled technical resources to ease the vendor and technology route to market.

The commercial owners of TCM are driven by an interest in CO2 capture technology becoming available for use in a future carbon-constrained business environment, but lay no claim to intellectual property rights in the technologies that are being tested at the facility.
In short, TCM offers an unparalleled opportunity to get your technology to market faster and cheaper.
Business model
Vendor provides any unique technology and own personnel
In a standard test campaign, the TCM infrastructure is made available for third-party vendor testing at no capacity charge.

TCM provides:
• TCM operating personnel and facility
• Campaign energy cost (steam, power)
• Other operations and utilities

Technology vendor provides:
• Solvent purchase and handling and disposal (if applicable)
• Own personnel

Vendor IP secure
• Vendors provided restricted control room
• TCM and its owners neither holds nor requires intellectual property
• TCM partners access to test results for in-house use only

Third-party verification
Professional operations
• Independent verification can be performed by experienced third parties familiar with the facilities
• TCM is recognized as a world-class test facility with documented test record
• Quality system with well-established procedures and routines
• 24/7 operation, as a regular industrial plant
• Full complement of staff proficient in various technical disciplines
• Experience in Technology Readiness Level assessment of novel processes

TCM is an excellent testing facility
Utilize one of the world's best – and largest – testing facilities for post-combustion CO2 capture. Vendors will have access to two flue gas sources at the same site, with a flue gas conditioning system that can simulate a wide range of operational modes. TCM offers all of the essential support systems required for large-scale testing from laboratory to workshops with highly skilled personnel. Tap into TCM's experience of performing extensive test matrices and take advantage of the ability to compare your technology to a well-recognized MEA baseline.

Wide operational range with two flue gas sources
• Process variability (e.g. flow, temperature)
• Flexible absorber (packing, column height, washing sections)
• Two separate strippers for flexible plant load
• Two different flue gas sources:
−− Natural gas combined cycle (3.5% CO2)
−− Residual fluid catalytic cracker (13% CO2, which is comparable to coal-fired flue gas)
• CO2 and air mixing to emulate wide range of flue gases
• Plug-and-play capability for mobile test units (up to 100 kWe)
• Available area with prepared infrastructure for larger mobile test units

High-standard 24/7 operations plant with workshop, offices, lab, and onsite staff
• Highly instrumented plant, 4000 online instruments
• Control system with historical database capabilities including laboratory data
• Live online data accessible world wide
• Remote-controlled operations
• Fully equipped, state-of-the-art laboratory
• Mechanical, instrument, and electrical workshop
• Skilled and experienced workforce

Established baseline and test matrix methodology
• TCM has experience with several vendors in performing test programs
• Operation staff trained to perform controlled process changes based on established test matrices
• Published MEA baseline and details on test matrix
• Systematic HSE reporting
• Third-party cost (e.g., if a separate testing or construction company is required)
• Own mobile unit construction and handling
• Plant modification costs, if any, will be subject to negotiation.

Publisert 4/10/2012

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